Welcome! I am a horn player and teacher living in Norfolk, Virginia. I recently moved to the area to serve as Associate Principal/Third Horn with the Virginia Symphony. I created this site to make it easy for students, parents, and others to learn more about me, my performing, and my teaching, and also to share media, resources, and ideas that people might find useful or interesting. 


I have been playing horn since I joined the sixth grade band 15 years ago. Soon after I began, I remember starting to pick out the horn parts from movie soundtracks and music I would hear on the radio. It got me excited about playing because the horn always had some of the coolest parts! My excitement only grew as I practiced, learned more about the horn, and got more opportunities to perform some of this great music. I hope that I can help my students to have the same excitement that I had (and still have!) learning and playing the horn.

I received my Bachelor of Music degree from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, where I studied with Jeff Nelsen, Dale Clevenger, and Richard Seraphinoff. While I was at IU, I was a member of the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic as second horn, and later, as principal horn. I have participated in a few competitions as well, including the International Horn Society's Premier Solo Competition, in which I was awarded first prize.


Following my time in Indiana, I joined the tour of Shrek the Musical, which performed in the U.S., Canada, Malaysia, and China. When the tour ended, I started my Master of Music degree at Rice University, studying with William VerMeulen. In Houston I taught a lot of young horn players, both in private lessons and in group classes. I also got a chance to perform a number of times with the Houston Symphony.


Since finishing school, I've been busy performing and teaching, first in Southeast Michigan and Connecticut, and now in Virginia. I've played with groups including the Toledo, Sarasota, Hawaii, Ann Arbor, and Eastern Connecticut Symphonies. 

Outside of music, I enjoy making ice cream, watching TV, cycling, and reading.